Friday, August 19, 2011

Charles Dyer's email.

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Anonymous said...

And they wonder why there could be "lone wolves"...


Anonymous said...

Read the e-mails, seems like they are about to pick on a man (a trained man) that has nothing to lose. That is usually a bad idea.

bitter clinging Texan said...

Give em hell, charlie

oldsmobile98 said...

Brian Terry: former Marine.
Jose Guerena: former Marine.
Charles Dyer: former Marine.

Lesson: the USG does not give a flying fig about your existence as soon as you get that DD 214, no matter how many years of honorable service you have.

Please remember this, especially when planning your response to unconstitutional orders. And remember your oath.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Oh, Damn.

Once again, they prove me right: "When you take away everything that matters to a man, don't be surprised when he acts as if he's got nothing left to lose."

This appeared to be an even bigger railroad-job than Olafson, but I'd really hoped he'd ride it out and beat them at their own sick game.

Damn. Just... Damn.

Anonymous said...

In the 3 page letter, Dyer makes a couple of comments that there are "no pending FEDERAL cases against" him, and that he was found "not guilty" in the first trial.

The media is reporting that the reason that there is a manhunt for him is b/c he failed to show up to court after the first trial resulted in a 'hung jury' and the judge declared a 'mistrial'. The articles I've read are unclear as to which charge (child rape or NFA violation for a grenade launcher) resulted in the mistrial.

Is this just another case of the media weaving a storyline?

MechaRogers said...

Give 'em hell, Sarge.


Bad Cyborg said...

I would think that the principle of "Cui bono" would apply in the case of his home being burned down. What possible motive would the man have for setting fire to all his possessions - INCLUDING possibly exculpatory evidence?

However, what motivation might The State have for burning down his house? From where I sit - A HELL OF A LOT! If he DID, indeed have exculpatory evidence that alone would be a reason to have the man's house burned. Add in whatever weapons and ammunition he might have possessed and the demoralizing effect of such an experience and the party most likely to benefit from Dyer's house burning down is The State.

I wouldn't put it past the bastards to be setting Dyer up to be the next Tim McVey.

Charles, if you are reading this, 1) I wish you the best, buddy, and 2) think long and hard about doing anything as a response to The Man burning down your home. The Dark Lord of Mordor on the Potomac and his minions would not hesitate to use anything you did - HOWEVER JUSTIFIED - as an excuse to declare Martial Law and suspend the constitution.

Damn but I despise the left!

J. Croft said...

Thank you Mike V. for covering this.

The Dyer family put their home down for the bond so he could attempt to mount a defense-can't do that behind bars. Now that they've forced him to run there's less than 90 days to pay off that bond or the house is gone and the Dyer family is homeless.

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, ok

Give what you can.

J. Croft said...

Important Dyer updates:

Storm said...

I was wondering when I'd see this up here.

IIRC, he was found 'Not Guilty' of the grenade launcher charges, and everything I've seen indicates that the alleged child rape charge is based on some divorce bullshit that mommy probably thought would give her the upper hand. I'd keep looking things up though, I don't know how accurate that info is. Still pulling for Dyer, this looks like someone wanted another Ruby Ridge sans killing the man's family.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Let's not forget that at the center of ALL of this is a little girl - a poor, abused child who is being cynically used by an evil woman and an even more evil Government in order to railroad HER FATHER!

She's not going to be little forever, and she's going to have to live with the party she played in this sick mess.

I hope she doesn't end up with his blood on her hands...

it's all just sad...


Arctic Patriot said...

I remember some SSI post a while back about "One Hundred Heads", or something like that.

He has nothing to lose, and is therefore an unassailable force.

See you at the top, Charles.


Semper Fi, 0321 said...

E&E brother, the time will come later!