Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brian Terry, first known American casualty of the Obama Gunwalker Plot.


Anonymous said...

Semper Fi Jarhead.
Semper Fi


HrdCrps said...

To the death.

Through eternity.

Semper fidelis.

Our generation is going to live forever. Will we be men of honor, such as Brian Terry?

Robert Fowler said...

Semper Fi Marine. We'll take it from here.

God bless Brian and the Terry family.

Anonymous said...

H.R. 2668, the "Brian A. Terry Memorial Act"
principal cosponsor Rep. Elijah Cummings

Dedicated_Dad said...

"cummings" iseven more vapid than the females who adopt his surname - and likely for the same reasons...

This video was a fiiting tribute: This was A Man.

His "poem" should be treated like a to-do list by anyone reading this...

We're going to need it...

Bad Cyborg said...

Mexican criminals didn't kill Brian Terry. Oh, they fired the shots that wounded him and and to which he ultimately succumbed. But those men - evil as they are, did not kill Brian Terry.

Brian Terry was killed by agents of his own government. He was killed by employees of the US DOJ who authorized and ordered the gun walking and thereby put the weapons in the criminals' hands. He was also killed by the bureaucrats in the Border Patrol who dictated the insane ROE that kept him from adequately defending himself.

Brian Terry deserves MUCH MORE than merely having his last duty station named in his honor - although that IS a start. He deserves to have all the criminals - on BOTH sides of the border - prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Alas, I fear all that Brian Terry's family will ever see is a plaque naming a tiny border patrol station in their son's name.

And the arch to civil war continues.

To-Do list:
Stockpile essential supplies
Practice and perfect marksmanship