Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Pure fact verified." The ATF scandal that's going to guarantee oversight hearings.

Chief Counsel's Office career prospects will be fluttering to earth as nuclear ash.

CORRECTION: The language of the original paragraph below said this: "the Phoenix SAC and ASAC were responsible for arranging the smuggling of semi-auto rifles into Mexico." This was incorrect and my fault entirely. I have changed it below to the correct word, which was "allowed." There is distinct difference between the two, although giving a wink and a nod to others to break the law when you are sworn to uphold it, for your own venal and agenda-driven self-interest is not far from functionally "arranging" the same thing. I'm not sure, for instance, that the family of Brian Terry would appreciate the difference.

Remember this story from the 28th of December? "Border Patrol agent killed with ATF-smuggled AR? Some ATF agents seem to think so."

The DOJ computers have been hitting this story big-time the last two days. Usually they out-click to

Well, here's what a solid source within ATF says about this story this morning:

"It's true. Pure fact verified. Ongoing inv(estigation) I can't discuss."

Now, to be careful, let's assume that this confirmation applies only to what would be knowledge to the ATF -- that the Phoenix SAC and ASAC were responsible for allowing the smuggling of semi-auto rifles into Mexico to boost the statistics to justify Operation Gunrunner. I do know that "mainstream" reporters are working on the mysterious circumstances of the death of Border Patrol officer Brian A. Terry and getting close to verifying the rumor posted on that he was killed with one of the "walked" weapons.

If this story makes it to the cable news cycle, there is no possibility that ATF can avoid the antiseptic qualities of sunlight on all of their criminal acts. All credit should go to the agents of CUATF who broke this story and to David Codrea who has shoved the story along and into a wider audience.


PS: In a related development, the CUATF site was apparently hacked last night.


Anonymous said...

I wonder could hacking be considered as breaking and entering if/ when crimminal proceedings are brought against those who have engaged in crimminal acts? Something along the lines of a digital Watergate.

Hope so.

WarriorClass said...

The assholes responsible for this better go to prision, unlike the crooked banksters who break the law at will and walk without so much as a charge by any of the 50 state DAs.

End the ATF!


Anonymous said...

Some stupid bastard should be stood up against the wall over this.

So, are American gun shows and dealers at fault for the cartels getting guns, or is it the ATF? What say you, Hillary?

Good thing they're implementing their "emergency measures" to get a handle on things.

I think if we took all guns away from ATF, the country would be safer immediately. ;-)

Sounds like there sre come good guys at DOJ. Guys willing to act on FreeFor's intel. Awesome.

Like has been said before though, even if ATF folded over this, they'd just re-emerge as part of DHS...


Pat H. said...

I sent this to Drudge, we'll see if he goes with it.

TPaine said...

A LOT of stupid bastards should be hung from the gibbet for this. Let's see what actually happens.

Anonymous said...

Last audit of the BATFE arsenal reveled over 75 FULLY automatic weapons missing.

Do not believe anyone was held accountable for them either.

The time has come for all the festering garbage hidden within the BATFE be exposed to the light of truth.

WarriorClass said...

I sent this to everyone I know, including my congressman and senators.

Hope every one else does too.


Mark Matis said...

Pat H.:
Then he's getting from multiple sources. I sent it to him as an update of my previous message.

Pat H. said...

Let's not forget the BATFAE AV-10 fraud, covered best as it happened by Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

They've been an outlaw agency for their entire existence.

Agent Nowhere Man said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. There was a time (before I retired from the USBP) that I apprehended the same load of weed twice.

After the first time, we turned it over to DEA with my initials and date of apprehension written on each kilo. Some weeks later, I intercepted the same kilos.

If the DEA would do that, the clowns in BATAFE couldn't be much different.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think that even if the ATF were completely disbanded (unlikely)they would all be unemployed?
More likely they will be absorbed into the DEA, FBI and Homeland Security....and that will be sold as a "new improved" better trained, more experienced, super-hero organization.


Broadsword said...

On a different topic, (as I've just finished it) let me second Mike's recent recommendation of the book Guerilla Days.

Kyle Bennett said...

This puts a whole new twist on the phrase "circular firing squad".

sofa said...

So BATFE folks get re-integrated into DHS. Bigger, more powerful, organization.

I'm not seeing the upside of this.

Dennis308 said...

I don´t believe that the B.P. Agents that I am Familiar with would be very enthusiastic about having ATF Superiors(or Agents either)Joining their ranks Some of these Gentlemen and Ladies too were suspicious of ATF,DEA,as well as other Agencies.

And from what I´ve seen in print and on various Site´s that the FBI Agents don´t think to highly of ATF Organization or of many of the Agents either. So maybe a few of these Asswipe-Turdeaten-Fuckwads
will find themselves on the un-employment line and(and I pray)a few select ones in Prision.