Thursday, October 7, 2010

You know, you gotta ask yourself. Why is everybody telling us that "we can absorb another terror attack"?

Let's all get ready to "bounce back."

Homeland Security works on a new strategy:

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - 1st Show Part 1
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Defender said...

"We'll do everything we can to prevent it..."
Like letting the people go armed at all times?
Didn't think so.
Chavez of Venezuela is encouraging HIS citizens to get guns if they don't have them, and to keep them handy.

Rider said...

Isn't that like waving a red flag in front of the bull?

Well it may be open season on Dearborn MI.

Eye for an eye.

Anonymous said...

"Go ahead and hit me. I can take it." ;^)

Why would BHO make such an offer to our enemies? The President's primary responsibility is protecting the country from being attacked. Instead, he asks us to accept a beating as proof of our resiliency.

Said with a Kennedyesque staccato: "Ask not how you can beat your enemy but ask your enemy to beat the crap out of you."

Formulating a method for defeating the world-wide jihadi is simple to formulate and can be stated in less than 10 words. Find them, fix them, fight them and finish them.

BHO has an unlimited appetite for taxpayer dollars but no stomach for fighting, it seems. The O'Bambi Doctrine surrenders the initiative to our enemies.

Siege warfare didn't work out well for the defenders of Constantinople and I expect it will serve us poorly also.


Jay said...

Mr. Rogers served two tours in Vietnam as a Navy Seal. He was decorated and wears long sleeves to cover the tatoos.

Anonymous said...

Not quite. We KNOW the Iranians have assets in place. They've been there for years. We've done virtually nothing to impede them. We've done this while watching as they kill our people and those of our allies for decades.

What could you do to an enemy that allowed you this type of freedom to act covertly? If you knew of their desire to attack, and you wished us harm and destruction as well, would you not assist them covertly if you were also an enemy?

This is of course ancillary to the Marxists within our borders. They have played their part in creating the circumstances necessary.

This is not an "overnight" operation.

rexxhead said...

Ask the wrong question; get the wrong answer.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his people know they are failures when it comes to running the government. They literally fail at every aspect of good government from the economy to national defense. I think they are setting the stage for the excuses they will use when we are hit again.
You will notice that I say WHEN, and not if, we are hit again.
Contrary to what the media say about Obama and his henchmen, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and the people he has appointed primarily come from academia, with little to no experience in real world problem solving. Everything to them is theory, and "things should be" as opposed to the way things are.
I see a disturbing trend with people who may have a PHD in one narrow field of expertise being accepted as experts in all fields of endevour. We are in for a wild ride.
Paul in Texas

DC Wright said...

Of COURSE we could "absorb" such an attack; we could also "absorb" a limited nuclear strike. The Question of the Hour is: Why should that come to pass? That Question, of course, has NO answer forthcoming from the political "leadership" of this once (and soon again, PLEASE Dear Lord!) great nation.

Joe Biden, Sooper Jeanyus said...

I don't know why you peasants are all so worried. I've read Marshall's Law and it really isn't that bad. Full employment for the military!

Anonymous said...

Malthus said @ 7:10 AM:
"The President's primary responsibility is protecting the country from being attacked."

Maybe you didn't have your morning wake up coffee, but that is not the President's primary responsibility.

His primary responsibility, as is that of all members of the executive, legislative and judiciary is to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

The endless war for security is but one example of what happens when the president and others take it upon themselves to disregard their oath.


Anonymous said...

"Like letting the people go armed at all times?
Didn't think so."

Do it anyway.

WV: paggly dr the only kind left under the new health care plan

Anonymous said...


Please confirm that

EJR914 said...

I think Paul from Texas hit the nail on the head.

J. Croft said...

Those bastards want us to absorb a biological or nuclear attack-then surrender to a few raggedy cave dwellers they supply the weapons and ammunition. Yes I'm talking about the same US government telling us we need to keep blasting ragheads. Same US government that suppressed video testimony of emergency response workers on 9/11:

AND what are we doing over there? Guarding opium: