Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today is the enviro-commies' 10-10 Day.

Pete at WRSA wants us to celebrate it by shooting something green on the outside but red on the inside. Great idea!

Death to watermelons!

And don't forget, boys and girls, 24 October is UN Day. Be sure and take those old unserviceable GI helmets now and paint them blue in time for the Annual UN Day "Peacekeeper" Smurf Shoot. (Toy helmets from a thrift store work almost as well.)

In the 90s, we used to send the well-ventilated results of our UN Day shoots to Kofi Annan. I suppose sending the pieces of blown up watermelon to the "No Pressure" folks would be problematic. At the least, the package would be leaky.

Two of my favorite UN movies:

And some twits are scared about "UN troops invading America"?1? Gimme a break.


WarriorClass said...

The blue helmets are the least of our worries. There are 20 million illegal aliens combined with who knows how many "legal aliens" and 40 percent of our country that sucks off the work of the rest, and a government that sucks off of everyone. The racial tension is worse under chairman Obama that ever existed back in the 60s. Muslims are moving in and Mosques springing up all over the country teaching treason to our constitution and our country. The economy is about to collapse and the ChiComs are going to want to collect on the debt. The schools are indoctrinating our children to be sheep for shearing and the Church is asleep at the wheel at best, and being subverted at worst by the likes of Rick Warren. Our state and local police forces are being militarized not only with weapons, but staffed with idiots who love power and have no concept of the constitution.

Yeah, I'm not so worried about the blue helmets.


Anonymous said...

Some of them blue helmets might be French...might be more than a few rifles that have never been fired and only dropped once to collect.

Pat H. said...

UN troops? Hardly.

Perhaps you haven't seen an entire British Brigade conducting maneuvers in America, I have.

I observed them while TDY at Fort Lewis, Washington. Ask yourself why a British unit would want to conduct training in a cold, rainy climate near the ocean, when their own country is exactly that?

As far as Rwanda is concerned, the UN wasn't the problem, near universal disarmament was the problem, couple with the differences between the two tribes that warred against each other. It was a de facto race war. One black "race" against another black "race".

The Trainer said...

UN invasion? No. Not a problem. UN troops invited by the duly elected government of the United States for control of possible civil unrest?

Hmmm....possible? Maybe. Possibly more than 'maybe'. This is October, after all!

That is the concern we hear at least 'round here. It's also not one of fear; rather, it's one of those lines in the concrete.

Lest anyone misunderstand: We're not afraid--we're just about fed up and have had quite enough, thank you very much!

Here's the bottom line on any UN blue helmet wearing individual or white painted armored vehicle with UN on it:

ANY foreign troop on US soil enforcing any decree or so-called 'emergency measure' is an outright act of war against the American people.

'nuff said.

Ed said...

Do my red and green Boy Scout socks count?

Anonymous said...

What The Trainer said: HERE, HERE!

ANY FOREIGN idoits show up, kill'em along with any domestic idiots that go along to support them!

Run across any progressives along the way, kill'em too. The gene pool needs attention in America.

nuff said.


EJR914 said...

WarriorClass has it right. We have plenty of problems right in the hear and now.