Monday, October 4, 2010

A report on "One Nation."

Unions and Commies do their past to beat Glenn Beck but fail.


Defender said...

Aerial photos of both gatherings are at Gateway Pundit. "One Nation" was like one small village. "Restore Honor" was standing room only on the Mall.
May it be so on election day, for whatever votes are worth.

Mickey Collins said...

EJR914 said...

I love it. Evil is losing.

Anonymous said...

Evil is losing?

They field one fifth the number of people beck did and no one but alternative media reports it. AND this is a win for us?

They have they levers of power and fortune in their hands, They have the means to tell any story they wish and have it believed by a majority in the country.

This doesn't speak to the other influences they have within the courts and education, the bureaucrats who hire others just like themselves as replacements and new hires. Who have been grooming a leftist political general officer corps so that their orders will be carried out. Sound like a win to you?

Get it through your head that there is going to be a fight that you didn't start and they will bring to you eventually. Might even be your kids bringing it because they have been the target all along.

Still sound like evil is losing?