Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HuffPo piece on Rand Paul at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot this weekend.

For a belly laugh, be sure and read some of the comments.

I liked this one:

"Conservatives are scared the liberals are going to take their guns away. Liberals are scared the conservatives are going to take their lives away with guns."

I wish that were true. Because if they were REALLY scared, they would leave us the hell alone.


Pat H. said...

"Liberals are scared the conservatives are going to take their lives away with guns."They may not be really scared of this, as you say they're "keeping on keeping on", but it is in fact true.

As Denninger has observed, Waco Rules are in play now.

All is Constitutional, just like it was intended.

SavaShip said...

Thanks for the laugh, I replied to that post with this and it'll likely get scrubbed:

Close, but I think this fits better: Conservatives and libertarians are afraid some liberals are going to use paramilitary police forces to take their guns and lives away. Liberals are scared because there are people that they can't control. You want something to be really afraid of? Read your history of other countries that disarmed to their paramilitary police forces, like 1938 Germany, then wait until you see what those paramilitary police forces do to citizens when they have total, immediate power over them. Dead men no longer have the right to due process.

Dennis308 said...

Te Second part don´t happen untill after the First part.Soooooo
If they leave my guns alone I´ll pretty much leave them alone. But we all know that won´t happen.


EJR914 said...

I really wish they would leave us the hell alone, too!

Anonymous said...

Fat chance they start leaving us alone. Southerners been asking ONLY that from them since 1861! And just look at what we got and still get! Difference is, nowadays the rest of the country is starting to get the feel of it and turns out NOBODY MUCH LIKES IT ANYMORE!!!!

Hope those Knob Creek boys got it cleared downrange for a coupla miles! WHAT FUN!

- Dutchy

Anonymous said...

"Liberals are scared the conservatives are going to take their lives away with guns."

Hayek and von Mises were liberals. Such men have nothing to fear from me.

However, Nazis, fascists, communists and their "progressive" fellow-travelers are right to fear for their safety.


Defender said...

Scare tactics by a liberal Congressional incumbent backfire hilariously.


Jeff said...

I'd love to have a machine gun, but they're too damned expensive and I don't want the ATF creeps coming to my house whenever they want to shove a finger in my arse.

Anyone have an opinion on the Tac Trigger system and/or the auto burst trigger? Doesn't modify the rifle and each shot requires a trigger reset so it's legal, but fast.