Monday, October 11, 2010

Fibbies making large purchase of new 5.56 loaded in stripper clips, chargers and cardboards set up for putting in bandoleers.

From Pete at WRSA.

So, if the Feds are combat packing their ammo, why aren't you?

Remember what Mae West said: "Packaging is everything, honey."


Taylor H said...

Good point. This is one reason I'm grateful the CMP packages Garand ammo ahead of time.

Allen said...

break it down and it comes out to about 10,000 rounds per employee..


the ICE order for .40 pistol ammo last december came out to about 10,000 rounds per employee too....

Anonymous said...

If the rifle ammo is $150/case of 1000 and they spent $97 million then they they are after a single order of 650 million rounds of 5.56x45. That comes out to more than two rounds per citizen, but is in addition to existing ammo supplies. Truly, they will have the firepower on hand to execute every single American many times over.

Who needs that much ammo, unless...?

I'd guess they are stocking up now while anticipating a future ammo shortage or ban. Follow their lead gentlemen, if you aren't already.

Can you imagine the vast amount of warehouse space needed to contain that much ammo?