Saturday, October 9, 2010

Entries in the "100 Heads" Logo Contest

These are all courtesy of Alvie D. Zane. Feel free to chime in or add you own. For new readers unfamiliar with the concept, go here.



Brock Townsend said...

"Yes, we shall" as my mother would say.

Anonymous said...

Justice Demands a Response

Anonymous said...

A few suggestions. Because I'm not a pro with putting these in the box someone else can if they choose.

Aim Small, Miss Small.

Are you listening yet?

We said “No,” got the picture now?

Liberties Promise, or Voice, your choice.

Taz, FL

Concerned American said...

"Shooter Ready" would be helpful as well, along with "Send It".

Those who use those terms will understand....

Anonymous said...

Vox Fini.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to "Yes we can". So perfect.

BigUgly said...

Here's a couple of ideas.
Personally, I like 546 -
435 members of congress
100 members of the senate
9 supreme court 'justices'
2 idiots in the white house

Ed said...

-"Personal Delivery Available".

-"Vox Populi".