Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Country Heard From. . . "Exterminate them like a nest of stinging insects as soon as possible."

Trying to find more info on the NH stolen baby case, I came across this comment on by some collectivist moke using the avatar of Colin Ferguson, the African-Jamaican green carded mass murderer of six people on the Long Island Rail Road commuter train back in 1993.

Colin Ferguson

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Re: The Secret World Of Extreme White Militias

I'm becoming disturbed by these new white crazies these "oath keepers" and these other douches that call them self the 3%

I'm hoping that Eric Holder has these criminals under surveillance and takes the opportunity to exterminate them like a nest of stinging insects as soon as possible : )

Earlier, CF said this:

The NBP (New Black Panther) army would tear through the white mans militia like a hot knife through butter.

The streets would be littered with so many beerbellied, cammo clad dead rednecks that we would need to build a bonfire to prevent a public health crisis : )

I'll be on the streets celebrating the NBP victory along with the mexicans and most white women : )


Anonymous said...

All those that wonder about Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia, or the Fall of Rome no longer need wonder.


What are you going to do about it?

Vargr said...

Good Lord!

The amount of racism and leftism on that thread is sickening!

Looks at these jewels that can be found there. Even I, a foreigner who has never visited the States can refute them:

"The oath keepers are crazy! The military oath of enlistment is to Obama."

Excuse me? When was the recipient US military oath of allegiance transfered from the Constitution to the President? Did you guys elect an Emperor and I happen to miss the news?

"The constitution doesn't grant a right to gun down elected leaders."

Really? I thought that a sizable chuck of it was design to allow just that; if such leaders dare become tyrants.

"The 2nd Amendment states that you have the right to bear arms in a WELL REGULATED MILITIA. Do you hill billys know what WELL REGULATED means??"

Yes I do believe they know, as do I. It means "well trained and organized" you idiot! It does not signify "regulated by the government". Have these bozos even heard the expression "Original Intent"?

"Exposing the Marine Corps for the Islamophobic, Racist, Christian, White Militia that it is, as a world renowed cover story like that, will go over well with clearing the way for it's disolution in the very near future. Just think how much safer we will be, and how much more money there will be for Green Technology and Infrastructure and Reparations, when Obama disbands the Crusader Marines and locks them up in Gitmo for Sharia Courts to punish"

I don't even know where to begin to refute this one. The mental pathology expressed here is too great to make any sense out of it.
Curiously, the gentleman that wrote this used the UN symbol as his avatar.

It gets even worse the more you read. I'll stop for the sake of my sanity and that of others.

Anonymous said...

This quote is even more disturbing:

"Wrong white man. Its time we make way for a new immigrant arrival and clear some space. Tracts of land need to be reclaimed as the rightful property of people ,large tracts of the south must be cleared to make way for the new immigrant arrivals. It is now possible to make a quantum leap from capitalism to Socialism. Progressive Democrats have built on its standings in the polls, by standing full square for the interests of the working class.The American people needs a socialist programme and Barack has challenged the capitalist system. Understand this white man, the socialist transformation of society is at hand and there is nothing you or any other whitey can do about it. It is you and your kind that are the haters, the destroyers. You are the real enemy and its you and your kind that must be destroyed.
The exploiters need to be liquidated as a class, p3skyking ....Honorary.... Fabian Society member."

Wow. How is it that we keep being painted as race baiting while they get away with it?


Dennis308 said...

Well one thing for sure Mr.Colin Ferguson has just earned his self a place on the list of Traitors to the Republic at least on my list, not very high up on the list but there none the less.


still watching to see how this works out................

Anonymous said...

I am overtaken by the abject ignorance on that page! Just down right stupidity that can not be changed. No amount of education will fix that level of wrong. We cannot reason with folks like that. Either we can agree to disaagree and go our seperate ways or they will insist on enforcing their vision of perfection on us. Either way it needs to happen soon we cant continue to cooexist with their likes

Anonymous said...

Ignorance and arrogance is a lethal combination and seems to be prevelant in certian quarters. Reality may soon suck for some people when thier illusions are shattered.

And what's with the fixation on "white women" anyway? This betrays a base and ignoble motivation. How do they hope to stand against the opposition when it has the moral and ethical high ground?

I hope they don't expect any quarter or mercy as they have boasted of raising the black flag (no pun intended) when the wheels come off thier wagon.

wl moses

Defender said...

I read a comment on a story about an open-carry demonstration. It said that since a right to "self-defense," "hunting" or "overthrowing tyranny" is not EXPLICITLY mentioned in the Second Amendment, none exists. Another said no Supreme Court ruling can ever be questioned: it's the SUPREME Court.
They can post hate- and ignorance-filled comments, but they can't do five minutes of honest research. Useful idiots indeed.
They're DEFINITELY felling froggy. Let them jump.

Anonymous said...

His relatives must be smuggling ganja and other drugs in his jamaican patties. Clearly he is hallucinating. Unfortunately his dreams might become true but vice-versa. I clearly hope it does not happen. In an urban setting it will. But like I said, VICE-VERSA.

Anonymous said...

Note to CF: I don't do cammo, I don't carry a beergut, and neither you nor your putative NBPP pals will recognize the peril you are in.

Who winds these clowns up and sends them forth?

Defender said...

"Tracts of land need to be reclaimed as the rightful property of people ,large tracts of the south must be cleared to make way for the new immigrant arrivals."

The Nazi doctrine of liebensraum, "living space."

J. Croft said...


Anonymous said...

Guys.....It's a troll website. Exposed in several different circles to be a bunch of smart ass college kids trolling for idiots.

Pay it no mind

pdxr13 said...

What mosque does CF attend? Too busy in the basement and at the local DNC office to attend? That's too bad.

Gotta answer the door. It's the Brown Truck with supplies.

Women are beginning to understand what useful idiots like this will bring for them: poverty, ignorance, slavery, torture, rape, death.


Anonymous said...

The left needs an army to carry out it's will. It needs to co-opt law enforcement and the military and have additional "enforcement" which is ideologically "pure" which is directable and independent of those organizations to allow for enforcement against anyone who is not "pure" and needing "enforcement".

When it comes to the application of force, it hardly matters if the trigger puller is a genius. All that matters is that he pulls the trigger when he's told to and against the director's targets. To be fair their are some who don't know any better but most of them do.

When you factor in the nation of Islam and the potentials there and there abouts, and two boat loads of automatic weapons interdicted and confiscated by fedgov in the late 90s, that no one will ever explain, well, it could get interesting.

But it could never happen here!

DC Wright said...

If I recall correctly, "Colin Ferguson" is the name of the scumbag who gunned down all those folks on the Long Island Railroad, thus giving us that gun-grabbing POS of a congress-critter, widow of one of his victims. This may be troll-bait.

Pat H. said...

Mike, have you sent this to Carolyn McCarthy? Her "no balls" husband was murdered by this barbarian while on his knees begging for his life.

She ran for congress while dancing in the blood of her departed spouse.

Anonymous said...

It seems they vastly underestimate us :) I don't know about you folks but I sure as hell don't have a beergut.

Anonymous said...

If we ever start playing cowboys and New Black Panthers it is over for the New Black Panthers.

Witchwood said...

The NBP (New Black Panther) army would tear through the white mans militia like a hot knife through butter.

History says otherwise.

Minority grievance lobbies and their leftist fellow travelers have made an industry out of condemning Caucasians as bloodthirsty, rapacious conquerors. To turn around and brag that whites are somehow inefficient killers shows an intellectual disconnect; you cannot complain about the conquest of Africa without acknowledging that Africa was in fact conquered. Caucasians cannot be pathetic geldings and evil murderers at the same time.

I guess we'll find out where everyone stands when the riots begin. I encourage all to read the Black Panthers' mission statement, both for the amusement factor and the fact that the statement was written in earnest.

Anonymous said...

If it walks like a Nazi, talks like a Nazi and promises the behavior of of the Nazis....

Believe them. I do. It's a waste of time trying to argue with them. Have no mercy for them, because they for sure will have none for you.

If I had a beer gut, it would be of little consequence, since they would never be close enough to see me.

Happy D said...

“The streets would be littered with so many beerbellied, cammo clad dead rednecks that we would need to build a bonfire to prevent a public health crisis : )”

Now why would I want to enter the streets when I can turn off the power and water and let the indolence take care of itself?
Or it has to come out and play with me.

“The NBP (New Black Panther) army would tear through the white mans militia like a hot knife through butter.”

In-between supporting the party that founded the Ku Klux Klan and protected it for 70 years and killing fellow Black Panthers. I just do not know how they will find the time.