Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"World Stability Hangs by a Thread"

The latest from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard here.


Rova said...

USA with our aircraft carriers and military might feels good? If we had another two carrier battle groups and another two combat-ready Army divisions, then I might feel security might be possible - but the ships and the sailors and soldiers don't exist. USA's steel industry would take years to rebuild and reinitialize into a durable production stance.

And the new administration being sworn into office, the Liberal Socialist Democrats et al, they are decidedly not reassurring. It could be much worse, to be sure. But a broken India and China and an opportunistic Russia demands USA have more in place and on tap than is likely even remotely imaginable - and they know it.

Qi Ji Guang said...

Great article. There was a thread on the gun forum TheHighRoad.org regarding the real-life experiences of someone who actually lived through a TSHTF scenario in Argentina in 2001. It was not unlike the Great Depression, perhaps much worse. The economy collapsed, stores went bankrupt, banks went bust overnight, and crime rose hundreds of percent figures.

If I can find the thread, I will send you a email. He brought up a lot of interesting things, like guns to protect your family, and that anyone, and anyone can be a potential menace. Kind of like the post-Katrina situation. Your enemies aren't exactly going to be zombies or Mad-Max type psychos. Brings to mind the law of entropy: disorder is the universal state of things. It takes energy to bring things into homeostasis again.

Johnny said...

For good blog about Argentina go here: http://ferfal.blogspot.com/

j3maccabee said...

Not to disagree with the respected Qi Ji Guang, but actually, in the post-Katrina scenario, the bad guys were indeed mutants and zombies; they just wore official uniforms when they came to steal and disarm the citizens who paid their salaries.

Anonymous said...

Re: Johnny

Thanks a lot for posting that link! That is EXACTLY what I had been looking for :D


I have the NRA documentary about the N.O. gun confiscations. It was sickening, and angry to watch. I just can't believe that kind of shit happened. Just can't believe it. Mayor Nagin should be sued every single penny he has and then thrown in jail. And the money from the lawsuit should go to compensate every one of the victims of the jackbooted thuggery.