Saturday, December 7, 2013

Poor Ted Cruz, a victim of his own political amnesia or ignorance, take your pick.

Sen. Ted Cruz's praise for Nelson Mandela met with criticism by supporters


Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz has a BIG BULLSEYE on him. No matter what he says, someone will attack him with a vengance. The Liberals are afraid of his TEA (Taxed Enough Already) position and will say whatever they can to try to discredit him.

Dakota said...

I would have to say ignorance. Ted Cruz hates communists, or at least he has led me to believe that. The problem is that most alternative views and facts have been suppressed as well or even better than Che. I see Limbaugh and Hannity singing Mendelas praises and I think if they knew better they would either say nothing or be more guarded about their comments.

For some reason every time I hear his name Mendela, I think of that old butcher Josef Mengele
"the White Angel". It is unfortunate that such a man as Mendela be lifted to status of hero, freedom fighter, etc. as he was none of those things. Like all communist dictators of 3rd World shit holes they are blood thirsty monsters. I can only hope that there were many at the gates of hell to welcome the old bastard .

Konall said...

I think I will pick "Ignorance" because political amnesia would be the convenient forgetting of something that didn't fit the agenda.What I like about this story,on the link over to the Cruz page is the instant education from the comments of all his bosses are giving.I will stick with the lone wolf from Texas that held a cogent 21 hour quasi-filibuster on the evils of O-care,(green eggs and ham not withstanding).It's going to take more than this for me to throw him over.I hope he does not make things like this a habit then it will be more difficult on us.There are few leaders out there that are worthy of our respect.If he reads the first 10 comments he can't claim ignorance anymore.
God Bless all those that follow and admire Mike V.

AJ said...

The entire world it seems has been indoctrinated to believe in the myth of Mandela. Sad.

Anonymous said...

crowdMandela admitted to throwing grenades into school buses with children on board? Sounds like a murdering communist scumbag to me.

As for his adulation, history is certainly written by the victors. No doubt about it.

I am waiting for Fidel to croak, so I may hear all his praises.

FedUp said...

Isn't Cruz one of those, like Rand Paul, who refuses to endorse fellow TEA type candidates, preferring to endorse the likes of McConnell instead?

Why is is that a conservative (not RINO/Neocon) politician would refuse to endorse fellow conservatives yet go out of his way to endorse a dead murderous communist?

Anonymous said...

It's neither amnesia nor ignorance.

It's race denial and race pandering.

CP said...

FedUp, your rhetorical question hits the nail right on the head.

What passes for conservatism now is merely a different shade of the Social Democracy that is being forced down our collective throats.

WarriorClass III said...

If there is one thing Ted Cruz is not, it's ignorant. And he is keenly aware of the people's ignorance and knows how to play to it for his own advantage. He whips up his support by being pro gun and anti amnesty while supporting legislation to double immigration and increase worker visas 500 percent while half the country is unemployed or underemployed. If Ted Cruz gets his legislation through, the US will have the largest popular support for marxism on the planet, having imported it through his immigration policy.

FedUp said...

If we really do get rid of the illegal aliens, then we'll probably be able to handle more legal immigrants. But there's a lot of work to do first.

1. Anchor babies.
a) We need to do away with idiotic law that makes you a citizen if your mother is illegally in the country for ten minutes and you fall out of her cooter during those ten minutes.
We can't revoke the citizenship of people who were natural born citizens under the law in effect on the day they were born, but we can change the law so it doesn't keep happening.
b) We need to do something about preferential treatment for families of citizens. If you're an adult citizen and you want to sponsor your little brother's immigration, we should give that some consideration. If you're a one month old citizen and you want to sponsor your parents, who have a history of criminal invasion of this country, then NO.

There is no point in talking about reforming immigration laws until the anchor baby problem is resolved, but that could be resolved in a week if Congress and the President wanted to.

2. Illegal aliens (not immigrants, criminal invaders) need to be identified and removed, and measures taken to prevent their return or replacement. We were promised this in the 1980s, and we're still waiting for it. No "reforms" until 30 year old promises are honored.

3a) We need to determine what immigrants (and how many) would benefit our country, and have laws in place to screen and admit them. Focus should be more on their ability to contribute to our society and economy, and less on who they're related to.

3b) We need to determine how many problems of other nations (refugees) we can afford to accept as charity and have laws in place to screen and admit them.

WarriorClass III said...


Unfortunately most people don’t understand the most simple, basic elements of economics, like supply and demand.

With an unlimited supply of labor, labor becomes very cheap. That means you make less money – a lot less. And it doesn’t matter if you are a rocket scientist or a landscaper, the same law of supply and demand applies.

When you allow 1.5 to 2 million immigrants every year, whether legal or illegal, you have increased the supply of labor and thereby lowered the cost of that labor. Which means you make less money. It’s that simple.

You also lose the culture of your country. In the US that means that the majority of the population no longer has the ideal of limited government to maximize individual freedom. You lose the constitution as a governing document.

That was the entire idea of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 which was devised by the Communist Party of America and pushed by Ted Kennedy. Unless we reverse course right now and end immigration, expel every illegal alien, stop every work visa, student visa, refugee visa out there, this will continue.

And there will be no more America.