Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forcible citizen disarmament extremists go nuclear

Senate Democrats have employed the "nuclear option" against America's gun owners. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence should be thrilled. What the forcible citizen disarmament jihadists and their pet legislators need to realize, though, is that America's armed citizenry has never depended on 41% of the Senate as the last bulwark protecting our rights--we only need three percent of America's gun owners.


Anonymous said...

The NRAs butt boy Harry Reid may well try to take his detonation to legislation of the gun control variety but even though the silent speaker folds on everything fr spending to immigration - even old yellow stain knows not to touch the real third rail.

carlwk3c said...

He vows not,to tough the real third rail ... Until he does.
He's a pussy.

Anonymous said...

Check out this thread on how Blackwater, the National Guard, and local police forcibly disarmed Americans post Katrina. Interesting comments from Blackwater employee to be sure. Needs to be published far and wide to help wake America up.


Anonymous said...

There is (at least) one book (EFD) that maybe they should read. Before they pass something like this.