Monday, July 8, 2013

Washington Times sez: Gun-purchase surge levels off as concerns fade.

After hitting an all-time high in December, background checks run through the FBI’s national instant check system have declined year-over-year for the first time since October 2011 as fervor after December’s Connecticut school shooting and the government’s push for new gun controls appears to be waning.
Maybe, but then what will happen if George Zimmerman is acquitted? (See next post.)


Anonymous said...

Really, how much disposable income do people have to pile into more guns? The rate of acquisition since last November was unsustainable, so expect dips in-between the panics engineered by gun-grabbers.

Meanwhile, ammo in most popular handgun rounds and many rifle calibers still can't be found on retail shelves in significant quantities (if at all).

It might also be that folks are spending summer days at the range rather than gun stores (if they can find the ammo they need at prices they want to pay to replenish what they shoot).

Paul X said...

I wrote an article about the previous gun-buying surge:

tjbbpgobIII said...

"Maybe, but then what will happen if George Zimmerman is aquitted?"

I do not for a minuite believe he will be aquitted. He may be let out of jail on appeal but they have to find him guilty on some charge to quite the riots. There will be riots whatever the case as it's just to good to pass up. As a jury foreman on a case where a black adult raped a black child of ten we had a jury of probably eight white women, none of whom could believe it was possible for an adult to rape a child of ten.

Anonymous said...

It's not back to normal, butit's geting better.

DOWN: None of the dealers will do special orders as it's just too hard for them to get stuff, the prices are all full list. Ammo is in short supply and rationed.

UP: More guns in stock, especially at major chain sporting goods stores in the area. Both local gun dealers have a couple of ARs in stock. One even had a new Colt at a decent price.

So, it's definately better than December, but still a lot worse than a year ago.

Anonymous said...

To true. Everyone is taking a breath before the surge will continue. In Michigan we are still seeing bare shelves with popular firearms. Tactical shotguns are getting hard to get. But there are brief bright spots when some of the chain outfits get a shipment. Ammo and components are still hard to get. Powder and primers and the popular ammo calibers are still scarce. Whether in components or factory loaded ammo. Haven't been to a gun show for a while but reports say that things are still crazy and prices are slightly above or near normal pre-surge prices as manufactures catch up. Magazines are starting to trickle in and they are getting back to some real world prices. But it won't last and as we have seen for the last five years with this bunch of dolts in the District of Corruption you never know. Advice. Get what you can when you can. Can never have to much in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

"Get what you can when you can"

Now there's some sage advice!

You know that the shortages were contrived to harass you make your life harder and deprive you of funds better spent elsewhere and your reaction is this?

If you continue to pay these prices, you will get more of the same and increases! Does that sound logical? What then, should you do?

Stop buying. Then it stops. Duhhhhhh!

News flash! They want you fearful and they want you panic buying because it benefits them. They laugh their asses off every time you buy. Every time you buy, they win. Don't help them.

Stop buying.

There is at present no looming war because they are not that far along yet. What they are doing is screwing with you and so far you are not disappointing them.

Stop Buying.

Stop helping them and start help yourself and the cause of freedom.