Sunday, November 22, 2015

I don't suppose any of this matters since the Archbishop of Canterbury doubts that there is in fact a God.

"An Asian family who converted to Christianity claim they are being driven out of their home for the second time by Muslim persecutors. Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children said they have suffered an appalling ordeal at the hands of neighbours who regard them as blasphemers. They claim they are effectively prisoners in their own home after being attacked in the street, having their car windscreens repeatedly smashed and eggs thrown at their windows…. Police have been called numerous times to deal with the trouble but are said to be reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime. Only one successful prosecution has been made, and Mr Hussain said he feels so let down by police he has lodged a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission. He also criticised the Anglican Church for failing to provide any meaningful support."


Anonymous said...

"...failing to proved any meaningful support.

One word; shotguns. -- Lyle

Chiu ChunLing said...

The real tragedy of this is that, once the authority of the Western governments comes into question with the global currency collapse (destroying the welfare/administrative state which is their primary remaining claim to legitimacy), Muslims (and suspected Muslims) are going to be exterminated wholesale in every Western nation. Some pockets of tolerance may exist where there hasn't been much imposition of outrages against non-Muslims, but those will be relatively rare and definitely won't occur anywhere that has a significant Muslim population. And even such pockets of tolerance whose Muslims have never done anything terrible are likely to be purged at the hands of anti-Muslim forces which have run out of local targets before satiating their rage.

And yet, the tragedy is necessary at this point. Western Civilization has endured the blood guilt of many past injustices. But it cannot endure unless it revives a sense of self-preservation, a feeling that the Western nations deserve to continue to exist and will not tolerate those who propose to exterminate them. The revival of that sense of entitlement, the right to do whatever is necessary to survive, is the death sentence for millions, many of them innocent of any real crime.

But it cannot be suppressed. Holger Danske is beginning to stir even now, and soon will wake.

Something forged into the blood of the Northern people by fierce, dark winters and ferocious beasts in their forgotten prehistory will shake off the shackles of modernity and stand again. A poetic strain in my heart longs to see it emerge, despite the human cost. But my desire doesn't matter either way.