Saturday, March 8, 2014

The NRA whistles up a tune of pretension in Connecticut and tries to jockey the weeniewagon to the head of the PR line with words.

The ILA statement by Chris Cox.
The NRA is currently backing a lawsuit, Shew v. Malloy, to challenge the constitutionality of several provisions of the law, including its expanded bans on semiautomatic firearms and its restrictions on magazine capacity. Some have wondered why the NRA has not appeared as a named plaintiff in the suit. Simply put, experience has often shown that NRA is more effective in lending its expertise and resources, rather than its name, to litigation. Many within the legal elite have been slow to embrace the fundamental, individual rights protected by the Second Amendment, and getting a fair hearing on these matters is difficult enough. When NRA participates in a legal case as a plaintiff, its involvement attracts a traveling media circus eager to criticize and attempt to discredit whatever it does. This can further inhibit courts from giving the merits of the case a thorough and impartial hearing. Unlike some groups who will eagerly tout their participation in any “gun rights” case, no matter how ill-advised or unlikely to succeed, the NRA is more interested in advancing our Second Amendment freedoms through litigation, rather than just using lawsuits for publicity or fundraising purposes.
Right. Well how about this, Cox? Why don't you seek an emergency injunction so PEOPLE DON'T GET KILLED WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING YOUR PR GAMES? Can NRA risk something of their precious reputation on THAT? These Lairds of Fairfax make me want too puke. Consistently. The only thing "no-compromise" about them is their flaccidity.
"In the meantime, Connecticut gun owners can be sure that the NRA is standing with them to fight this injustice every step of the way." Shit and horseshit. This is just NRA's way of responding to the demands of their CT members to DO something, ANYTHING in the current crisis. So they do what they always do -- they issue a press release to try to make you THINK that they're doing something. Sellout bastards.


Anonymous said...

Negotiating. Rights. Away.

Anonymous said...

NRA pushes for concealed carry as an agreeable option. When i called and told them how licensing and charging a fee for a right turns that right into a privelege the idiots at NRA said that was better than not getting to have the right at all. )&^(*&%(&^$) what a bunch of cowardly, compromising, libtards.

Anonymous said...

Anom at March 8, 2014 at 8:08 AM

There seems to be a very strong normalcy bias that prevents a good many people from understanding the differences between rights and privileges. The response given to you is a PERFECT example.

Liberty Clause

Anonymous said...

The NRA has something tha GOA, SAF, and others don't: MONEY. So while I don't agree with everything they do, I'd still rather have the NRA on my side than have no NRA at all..

Paul X said...

"Unlike some groups who will eagerly tout their participation in any “gun rights” case, no matter how ill-advised or unlikely to succeed..."

In other words, expedience is what matters. Good thing they weren't around during the "unlikely to succeed" American Revolution, siphoning off the resolve of patriots with their CYA whining.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Rights ARE privileges. Rights are immunities too.
Please see the 14 th amendment and just TRY to argue otherwise.

Now, if you mean PERMISSION, that fees and permits turn a right into a permission -an allowed behavior- I will agree. That us right on the money. What must take place is a shedding of the INDICTRINATION that privilege = allowance (especially one controlled by government).

To the NRA - Mike, you wrote aptly alongside harshly. It is what it is. This NRA press release is nothing more than attempted damage control. It tells me that the fools up on high are starting to recognize that the masses grow weary of excuses. They toss out some projection slamming those who've been SUCCESSFUL with litigation because the NRA must protect its bread and butter - legislative fundraising and lobbying.

Too bad for Chris Cox (sucker), but this attempt will only serve to piss off more people than were pissed off before. Why? Because the NRA simply could not be contrite and remorsful. It JUST HAD to act like it's STILL doing right- you and I are just too stupid to "understand ".

Say, that sounds just like what OBAMA does huh? It sounds JUST like what good little progressive loyalist gun grabbing RIGHTS GRABBING bastards do. Know why? Cuz the NRA is just a extension of the progressive loyalist leftist dopleganger.

With this PR release, the NRA has demonstrated yet again just how traitorous and treacherous it really is. Hubris and arrogance always show the tell!

Dealing With Butthurt said...

The first step is to admit that you have a problem.

Let the healing begin.

Jim Klein said...

"When i called and told them how licensing and charging a fee for a right turns that right into a privelege the idiots at NRA said that was better than not getting to have the right at all."

Oh, that's rich. Not only can a bunch of Rulers change the time of sunrise, they can make rights disappear. Neat trick.

"Honey, do I have the right to self-defense?" "Hold on, dear; I'll check the federal, state and local registers."

Anonymous said...

Funny story. I saw an actual weenie wagon here in Raleigh, NC just a few days ago and fully expected to see the NRA logo on the side. Had to do a double take and then realized, "Oh, right! It's not really the NRA weenie wagon."

I'm sure I can be forgiven for that, *ahem*, mistake.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the NRA had money and look at how it used it - at least in Illinois- it used it to lobby to see imposed a mandate for training (most in the nation) that it just so happens to provide - at a cost of hundreds of dollars per person.

What good is a NRA with money when it Negotiates Rights Away just so it's own self preservation interest is served while rights it claims to defend are ceded needlessly and UNJUSTLY?

I call those who work AGAINST enumerated rights, rich or poor, what they are - traitorous!!!

The NRA HAS an OFFICIAL POSITION on this point -
It supports advocates and works HARD to see state government empowered with authority over exercise of the right to keep and bear. That's a FACT all you NRA butt lickers refuse to address straight up. The NRA ACTIVELY endeavors to see INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS conceded to nothing but purchased permissions from a benevolent government (and the NRA in its employ).

Go ahead NRA lackeys, let's see ya produce evidence to the contrary. Let's see the Amicus briefs that prove otherwise. Let's see the position papers that show I'm wrong. Let's see ya produce a record of supporting anything BUT what I described. Oh wait - you CANT!
Why is that? Because that record isn't there.

The NRA supports DUE PROCESS INCORPORATION where "due process " is any fucking thing government says it is. Hell, look at the ACTUALITY.
FACT - NRA was boxed into filing McDonald after it's epic failure to stop Heller (via dissing that attempt). After ITS OWN SUIT resulted in a YES, the Second IS enforceable AGAINST state government - the NRA TURNS AROUND INSTANTLY and ADVOCATES STATE PREEMPTION!!!

The NRA effectively argued FOR legislation that is opposite the outcome of a suit it claimed was a WIN!
And NRA fuddsters are too snowed to realize this foolishness!

Negotiating Rights Away?
Hell, No Rights Allowed!

The NRA is not defending the right to keep and the right to bear. It is convincing people to submit to government "safety" measures and permission slips to make sure only "the correct people" get their RIGHTS!!

Look how LONG it took the NRA TO STEP UP to gun walker. Or this Connecticut ban. Hell, Illinois carry ban was thirty years! With HELLER proclaiming OVERTLY and without hesitation that GOVERNMENT IS NOT EMPOWERED TO BAN ENTIRE CLASSES OF FIREARMS - there is ZERO excuse for why the NRA has not ALREADY sued to destroy the BAN on NEWLY MANUFACTURED select fire RIFLES.

national RIFLE association eh? Yeah riiiiiight.
It's really just national GET EVERY DIME BY LYING THEUR ASSES OFF rifle association.

Anonymous said...

I quit sending those spineless jellyfish money a few years back (when they tried to hang every other group out to dry over the Disclose Act, except AARP (Another stellar sham).It also cost them my son's and grandson's membership, also. Funny how that shit works!

The Gun Owners Of America GOA, are THE no compromise gun rights group. I've also supported JPFO, fine group there, also.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
If you're so smart why aren't you leading The NRA? Screw you and your weenie wagon bullshit!

I repeat: Stop being childish about The NRA. That's exactly what you're acting like... a child. You're not helping yourself or our cause with that attitude about The NRA. I'll sign this one so you'll know who I am, in case you wondered.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

2A is clear in its meaning, however, being right does not always equate to justice. So, the "dance" between the pro-gun and the anti-gun groups will continue. An absolute position by the NRA would lonely force some lawmakers to distance themselves. The battle is for all of the people in the middle. I do not see in our future a "one big victory" but a series small fights.

Anonymous said...

All this hubris over what is going on in CT...
Where were/are all of you when this stuff was (and continues) in California, where door to door gun confiscations are going on daily as we speak??...
Not to mention more anti-gun/owners "laws" are up for action again (all the vetoed bills have been re-introduced)...You people laughed and scorned the long suffering gun owners of California, yet when California compliant stocks for AR-15's were introduced in New York, there was not a peep that these designs originated in CA. Wonder why?. Things suck majorly in CA, but it is not from trying to fight back against communist oriented politicians with their leftover from the Vietnam war protestor movement butt kissing voters. Everything bad that happens here will eventually be exported to your free state, we have been saying it for years, yet you laughed and ridiculed us, and now you see the truth of it all in CT, CO, NY, NJ, MS, ML, etc...It is hard for me to get worked up about CT based on these facts, so again I say: Had you supported us back when they banned semi-autos in CA, you would not be fighting from a weak position today. OK, flame and hate me, but you know in your heart I am 110% correct to the Nth degree...

William de Lamberton said...

What does the NRA owe you if you are not a member? Not a damn thing! If you join them you have a voice in the direction of the organization. And joining means more than paying $25/year for a hat and a magazine. Seriously, you expect to save your civil rights for 5 Starbucks or 2 12-packs a year? You all bitch online about what you think an organization you don't belong to should be doing for you or you join and then wonder why your $25 didn't save the world.


Dutchman6 said...

a. I am a member of the NRA. I joined for the simple reasons that I get a discount at my local range and it makes it harder for them to deny me press passes when I cover their conventions.

b. What we are talking about here is the disconnect between their claims and the reality -- in particular the soon-to-be-bloody reality in CT.

c. I rather think that I have more than two twenties and a five on the line in this fight. When Wayne LaPierre risks more than words in the same fight, you be sure and call me, okay?

Then we'll talk about what's pathetic and what isn't. I do appreciate your using your real name though. That's a plus.