Monday, July 11, 2011

Houston media begins to do its job. ATF Houston FD lacks one honest man like John Dodson. Big story opportunity for some reporter worthy of the name.

Houston skyline in a sea of fog. There's one helluva big national story out there for some local enterprising reporter worthy of the name.

This is a repost from Saturday because it is so important, with additional commentary.

"Texas guns, Mexican murders: An interactive map of gun purchases and cartel killings."

A notable trend is that Houston seems to be a main purchasing location for people intending to traffic guns to Mexico. A majority of guns recovered in Mexico originated in Houston, as visualized by the red lines that converge on the city. Of those purchased in Houston, a strong majority were Bushmaster .223 rifles and FN Herstal Five-Seven pistols.

Next maybe we can get them to start sniffing around the Houston Field Division offices.

I cannot overstate the importance of the Houston Field Division in the Gunwalker Scandal. The weapons found at the Jaime Zapata murder scene were from Texas. The busts in Dallas and Columbus NM are in the area of operations of the Houston Field Division. Understand that: they were not Fast and Furious busts. Yet no one in Houston has come forward like John Dodson. We have the evidence presented by Carter's Country in Houston that they were being told to let the firearms walk, yet no one in local or national media has apparently asked the hard questions of the Houston Field Division ATF management personnel.

Here's one: "If Houston is the largest single source of civilian market firearms in Mexico, then is the Houston Field Division SAC and all his silent-as-a-Mexican-grave employees merely grossly, impossibly, hopelessly incompetent or were they too walking guns?"

This is a "big story" job opportunity for some reporter worthy of the name. In addition to Tampa, the details of the Houston operation will break this story out of the little Phoenix box that the administration and its lapdog media want to restrict it to.

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Mark Matis said...

Has anyone from Tampa come forward either? As I have said before, the stench is overwhelming. Haven't heard even one word out of the Brevard County Sheriff, the Orange County Sheriff, the Osceola County Sheriff, or the Miami-Dade police. But then they obviously are not the Bad Guys. Right?

Of course, what's entertaining is that one or more of these bastards has been filling out insurance requests in my name. Guess we'll have to see what happens, eh?